More inconsistencies in Dragon Mart Cancún project


The president of the Colegio de Arquitectos (College of Architects) of Quintana Roo, María del Rocío Aguilar Ferra, announced on March 11 that the developers of the controversial Dragon Mart Cancún have presented two different project proposals, one to the state environmental protection agency of Quintana Roo and one to the municipal urban planning department. She said this would nullify Quintana Roo’s approval of the environmental impact study.

According to Aguilar Ferra, in the plan approved by the state, there is an area marked as an exhibition ground, but the same area is designated for housing in the plan later submitted to the urban planning department in order to obtain construction permits. She said that this modification is significant since additional residential occupation would constitute a different impact on the area. The Colegio de Arquitectos was supported by CEMDA (Mexican Center for Environmental Law) and other NGOs in highlighting the inconsistencies in the project’s proposals. The developer’s representative, Juan Carlos López, has avoided questions on the issue and there is no mention of the differences in the two proposals on the Dragon Mart Cancún’s website.

The municipal government of Benito Juárez, Cancún added a survey to the city website where citizens could voice their opinions on the project from March 2-6; 673 comments were submitted, but their content will not be made available to the public to protect the privacy of the individuals who participated.



“Hay dos proyectos de Dragon Mart,” alerta Colegio de Arquitectos (Mar 11)