13 year-old “hitman” killed in Zacatecas

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Six bodies were found Thursday in Zacatecas, including that of a 13 year-old boy who had been arrested on February 4 as a suspect in ten murders and released hours later. The boy had confessed to the crimes but a judge ordered his release into his mother’s custody since juveniles cannot be detained until the age of 14 according to the Adolescent Justice Law. His mother came before the judge a few days later to say she didn’t know the whereabouts of her son; although the judge ordered the boy be detained again and turned over to his mother, there was no sign of him until his body was found alongside the highway.

The district attorney, Nahle García, had proposed a review of the application of criminal law to minors under 14 after the boy’s release since he was “very dangerous.” His mother told the judge her son had left home at 11 years-old. García stated that the boy had said he was a member of the Zetas cartel and that “everything indicates that these executions [those discovered on February 28] were the work of the opposing Gulf cartel.”



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