FOLLOW UP: Vigilantes in Guerrero shoot and kill alleged criminal

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Proceso reported on January 22 that citizens in Tixtla, Guerrero shot and killed a man when he tried to escape detention by what the press is calling “armed self-defense groups”. The man’s identity has not been made public but it has been reported that he wasn’t a local.

“The armed citizens, barricaded behind trees, sitting on the street or pacing the rooftops, keep watch everywhere and look on reporters and photographers with suspicion,” according to Juan Cervantes Gómez of El Universal. But one of the hooded men who did speak to the reporter said: “…they don’t let us work in peace those bastards…that’s why we’ve taken up arms against these kidnappers, extortionists and murderers.”

The police commissioner in nearby Atliaca said that the citizens in this area took up arms after two youths were kidnapped two weeks ago and then found dead.