And this is what Subcomandante Marcos has to say to President Peña Nieto


We’re all used to plenty of finger-pointing in politics, but Zapatista National Liberation Army (EZLN) leader Subcomandante Marcos has taken it to another level. There’s something refreshing about this brazenly immature form of political communication, which aside from the eye-catching graphic (is that digital hair on Marcos’s forearm?) includes not one, not two, but THREE PS’s. Even most 13 year-old girls might balk at so many afterthoughts.

So what inspired Marcos to send his middle finger to “Ali Baba and the 40 thieves”, as he addresses the President and his administration? He claims he couldn’t find the words to express the EZLN’s feeling about the President’s launching of the National Crusade Against Hunger. The gist of his criticism is that it’s a badly presented PR stunt and a pathetic hand-out (limosna). The goals of the program are to eliminate hunger in the poorest of families and improve nutrition; the Department of Social Development (SEDESOL) has said it will be attending the needs of 7.4 million impoverished Mexicans in 400 municipalities.

This isn’t the first time the Subcomandante has used cartoon imagery to accompany his political missives. Below is a self-portrait from 1994, which could have been titled “Rogue Peanut character becomes a nudist guerrilla.




Animal Político, Limosna, la Cruzada contra el Hambre: Marcos (Jan 22)