Mexico vs. China: the fight for US clothing imports


The Mexican clothing and textile industry is fighting with China over the US market, and according to a business researcher at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Jesús Valdés, Mexican businesses will have to “orient themselves to more specific niches in the market” in order to compete.


An article in El Universal published on January 8 (PyMES mexicanas desafian a China, Manuel Lombera) tells the success stories of several small textile businesses – with around 15 employees – who have focused on satisfying the needs of domestic, seasonal, lower-volume buyers, such as public schools purchasing uniforms. In order to gain a bigger piece of the gigantic market to the north (Mexico is the 5th biggest clothing exporter to the US), manufacturers need to concentrate on items that require more detailed designs than Chinese mass production can offer; they are a long way from being able to compete in volume and cost.